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The Coach's Caddy project incorporated concept development through to final design, tooling design, component sourcing and final assembly. 

This Flashing Beacon product was developed for North America Traffic  The project included concept development through to final design and tooling design.  

This Mobile Display product was developed for R.Jones Print and Display Inc. This project included conversion to plastics, final design, component sourcing and final assembly.

Coach's Caddy

Flashing Beacon

Mobile Display

Rescraft incorprates a "phased" appoach to our customers product development needs and supports a wide variety of requirements from concept development to final production.  This iterative approch to product design and development ensures that all aspects of the projects requirements are being met and that acceptance at all levels is agreed to througout the various sages of the product development cycle.​

Phase 1: Understand the customers requirements and determine the feasbility of the project.

Phase 2: Develop sketches and renderings to visualize and refine the product concept as well as the manufacturabilty of the design

Phase 3: Refine the design through feedback channels and produce final renderings or models as necessry for sign-off.  Finalize any sourcing requirements.

Phase 4: Complete all required engineering for both the product and tooling requirements as well as validate the manufacturability

Phase 5: Ensure a smooth transition to production including on time delivery and production troubleshooing. 

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