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The Mobile Display product was develpped for R.Jones Print and Display  The product was designed for confectionary displays and incorprates an innovative removable signage wrap that can be changed out for multiple customer promotions as compared to permanent graphics.

The challenge of this design was to develop a container that would incorporate a false bottom utilizing the cut-out from the top of the container.  The bin was sized to an optimum display height but product needed to be accessible within an appropiate reach.  The notches in the bin to accommodate the false bottom and signage wrap became design concerns specific to maintaing the shape during cooling process.  Vertical channels were added to shape to eliminate the concern.

In addition to the design of the plastic parts, Rescraft sourced components and negotiated pricing for all purchased components including the low profile wheels.  Rescraft also provided the complete assembly, quality inspection and packaging of the bin for direct shipment to the end customer.

Click on image for a larger view.

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