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The Flashing Beacon, was chosen as "Product of the Year" for 2013 as awarded by the Association of Rotational Molders at their annual conference.  The Flashing Beacon is a solar powered LED signalling device used in conjuction with a variety of traffic signs.  The customer, North America Traffic, had developed the technology and had asked us to design a housing that could be used in a number of different geographial regions where environmental conditons would vary.  The traditional metal enclosure were not sufficient for this application.

The challenge of this design was to incorporate several components and securely house them while maintaining the integrity of the housing based on the environmental scope.  Consideration had to be given to ease of installation and variables including snow load conditions to ensure that the unit could optimize solar periods.   ​Rescraft developed the housing utilizing a single tool which signifcantly reduced the go to market costs.

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