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rotomolding rotomolders

Why choose the rotomolding process for your product?

The rotational molding process removes many of the traditional constraints of plastic design and provides product developers with the opportunity to integrate multiple features into a single part, reducing both tooling and product costs. 

Other benefits include:

  • Economical startup tooling costs as compared to injection or blow molding.

  • Ability to mold in inserts for exceptional pull out strength.

  • Process is ideally suited for annual volumes of 500--10,000 parts.

  • Process is also ideally suited for shorter production runs of 25--50 parts.

  • Ability to produce double wall parts for additional rigidity.

  • Strong outside corners in virtually stress free parts.

  • Process allows for reasonably quick mold changes.

  • Ability to select from a variety of surface textures.

  • Easily change colours without costly line cleanings.

  • Materials have excellent chemical resistance.

  • Part wall thickness can easily be changed.

  • Logo's or labels molded into the plastic with multicolour graphics that will not come off.

  • Design under cuts that cannot be produced in other plastic processes.

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