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​A number of factors affect the production of a quality rotationally molded part but none are more important then starting with a quality tool.  There are three common types of tooling used in rotational molding.

Cast Aluminum - Cast aluminum tools are relatively inexpensive, escpecially when compared to their injection or blowmolding cousins and offer a wide variety of surface finishes.  Sand casts are created from wooden patterns to produce the aluminum molds.  Additional features are machined into the cast part once complete. 

CNC Fabricated Aluminum - CNC fabricated tools are the most expensive tools and are required for parts with complex geometry or parts requiring very smooth finishes.  These parts are machined directly from 3D CAD model data.  Similar to cast tooling, a number of features can be added to the tool once machined, 

Fabricated Steel - Fabricated steel tools are the least expensive of the tooling types and are best suited for large parts that do not have complex geometry.  The sheetmetal components are welded together to form the shell of the part and once complete the joints are ground smooth to provide a clean surface.

We provide full service tooling design to ensure your rotomolded products are built to exacting requirements. Whether you require a machined aluminum, cast or steel tool, Rescraft can provide a cost effective solution that will not compromise on the quality of your parts.

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