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Rescraft Plastic Products is a full service Rotomolder dedicated to helping our customers solve their product design requirements.  Our multi facetted approach to product development can take a napkin sketch or fully dimensioned drawing from concept to

production part with a seemless and

cost effective rotomolded solution.

Why Rotomolding? 

Rotational molded products are cost effective alternatives to traditional fiberglass and metal options.  Compared to other plastic processes, rotomolding tooling costs are significantly lower and minimum quantites are much smaller, both of which reduce the financial risks of new product development.


We offer a full line of services to support your product development needs.  From napkin sketch to finished product we can help take your concept to market reality by providing product and tooling design, contract manufacturing and custom material processing to ensure that your product is made to the highest quality standards.

Product Development

We have developed products in a variety of industries from Medical to Mining.  Our years of experience coupled with our broad range of industry involvement allows us to bring these collective learnings and expertise to your project needs.  Let us help you get the most out of your product designs.

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